143 New COVID-19 Cases Reported Today in Mohave County

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December 15, 2020

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143 New COVID-19 Cases Reported Today
Plus 2 Deaths
Hospital Capacity Report Below
Total Positives 8,609
Total Deaths 268
MOHAVE COUNTY, AZ (December 15, 2020) –The Mohave County Health Department (MCDPH) Nursing staff has been notified of 143 new confirmed COVID-19 cases reported today. There are also 2 new deaths.
One death is a 60-69 person in the Kingman service area and one is an 80-89 person in the Bullhead City service area. Both are previously reported cases.
Of the 143 new cases, there are 22 new cases in the Kingman service area. There are 35 new cases in the Lake Havasu City service area. There are 79 new cases in the Bullhead City service area. There are 6 new cases in the North County service area. There is 1 new case in an Unknown location in Mohave County.
ALL 143 new cases remain under investigation.
Of the 79 new confirmed cases in the Bullhead City service area, seven are 0-10; ten are 11-19; nine are 20-29; seven are 30-39; ten are 40-49; seven are 50-59; eleven are 60-69; fourteen are 70-79; four are 80-89.
Of the 35 new cases in the Lake Havasu City area, one is 0-10; three are 11-19; five are 20-29; five are 30-39; seven are 40-49; three are 50-59; five are 60-69; three are 70-79; three are 80-89.
Of the 22 new cases in the Kingman area, one is 0-10; two are 11-19; three are 20-29; four are 30-39; three are 40-49; four are 50-59; one is 60-69; four are 80-89.
Of the 6 North County area cases, one is 11-19; two are 20-29; one is 30-39; two are 50-59.  The final case is in an Unknown county location and is 80-89.
Total Deaths – 268
Hospital Update for the Week of December 5th
Mohave County hospitals continue to battle overfilling, with COVID patients increasing the demand on overall resources.
COVID 19 Weekly Hospital Update for Mohave County, Arizona.
COVID+ ED visits peaked midweek with numbers reaching nearly 200 in one record day, an early warning of coming hospital and ICU burden
As of 12/13, one hospital has zero bed availability
2 hospitals have 2 or fewer ICU beds available
2 hospitals have < 5 med-surg beds available, NO hospitals have > 10 available beds.
2 hospitals report > 30 new admissions per day
2 hospitals report critical staffing shortage of nurses
Mohave County hospitals show 2-45% of all hospitalized patients are COVID-positive. This shows a
significant increase in 2 hospitals from the week prior (196% HRMC, 159% increase KRMC).
Of the 3 hospitals that keep COVID patients (vs. transferring to another facility), 44-84% of the ICU
patients are COVID-positive.

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