2 MCC financial aid administrators receive new certification

Written by The Bee

January 24, 2020

MOHAVE COUNTY – Mohave Community College is now one of the only colleges in the state with two Certified Financial Aid Administrators (CFAA).

Heather Patenaude, Director of Financial Aid and Lisa Downey, Financial Aid Manager, have earned their certification by the National Association of Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA).

Downey and Patenaude are two out of only four in the state of Arizona to receive this certification, and the only two representing northern Arizona and Mohave County.

“Having two CFAA’s on MCC’s financial aid team means that students, their families and the community can be assured that aid funds are being administered by a team of experts,” Patenaude said. “At Mohave Community College achieving this certification demonstrates a value of continued education for our students as well as staff.”

Downey and Patenaude had to take an exam that tested their knowledge of all financial aid aspects. They had to demonstrate how to review a student’s application and how to make financial aid awards.

The certification is one of the best opportunities for MCC to be a leader in the state of federal financial aid administration. The CFAA is how students at MCC and the community know that the knowledge of financial aid administrators is constantly being tested.

The certification is voluntary and recognizes the role financial aid administrators have in contributing to student and organizational success, maintaining high ethical standards, and acting as a steward of taxpayer dollars.

If you have questions about paying for college, visit the MCC Financial Aid web page.

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