3 MCC students awarded All-Arizona Academic Team scholarship

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February 28, 2023

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MOHAVE COUNTY – Mohave Community College would like to congratulate three students, Ian Fleming (Bullhead Campus), Christopher Hadley (Bullhead Campus) and Erin Kirksey (Lake Havasu Campus), who have been selected to be part of the All-Arizona Academic Team.  

All-Arizona Academic Team members in the transfer category receive a full tuition scholarship to any public university in Arizona after they graduate MCC. The scholarship covers resident tuition for 10 consecutive undergraduate semesters or 60 credits for the fall and spring semesters. 

Ian Fleming-Bullhead Campus 

Fleming is a Mathematics major at MCC and is planning to transfer to the University of Arizona and major in Aerospace Engineering. His career goal is to work in a diverse engineering team where he can couple his mathematical and engineering skills with flight and space exploration.  

Earning an associate’s degree in math can provide students the opportunity to explore many business and industry professions like engineering, aeronautical science, statistics and computer science. 

Fleming was very excited and humbled to have received the award because without it he probably wouldn’t have continued his education.  

“It’s exciting in the fact that I’m now able to continue my academic endeavors at an Arizona university and no longer held back due to monetary concerns,” Fleming said. “I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be able to represent MCC in this capacity and I can continue in my higher education because of this scholarship.” 

His career goal is to work as a flight engineer for a manned spacecraft for a private company or the government. He’s a student leader by holding the role of President of Phi Theta Kappa-Alpha Chi Psi chapter and involved with Student Activities Council.  

Erin Kirksey-Lake Havasu Campus 

Kirksey is a Business and Entrepreneurship student at MCC and is planning to transfer to Arizona State University at Lake Havasu to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Her career goal is to own a business like a restaurant but she’s open to all possibilities. 

MCC’s Business degree pathway helps students gain knowledge and the skills necessary to start a business, or launch a career in accounting, supervising, management, marketing or human resources. 

Kirksey is a hardworking student in and outside the classroom. She works two jobs and is a mom of four and a wife. She is grateful to have been selected to be part of the All-Arizona Academic Team and this award will get her to the next step in her education. 

“I was extremely surprised to have received this award but I couldn’t have done it without my family,” Kirksey said. 

She decided to attend MCC because she’s always liked school and enjoys spending her time learning.  

Christopher Hadley-Bullhead Campus 

Hadley is a General Studies major at MCC and is planning to transfer to The University of Arizona to continue his education in either business or education. MCC’s General Studies degree provides students the opportunity to explore different content areas to help them understand what they want to continue to study.  

“It feels amazing to be selected and an honor being nominated for such an award,” Hadley said. “MCC has helped me by providing me opportunities to expand my horizons.” 

His overall career goal is to own a business but he’s open to other career paths life brings him. When he’s not in class he participates in numerous student organizations like Esports, Business Club, Student Activities Council and much more.  

MCC partners with in-state universities like Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and The University of Arizona to make transferring credits a seamless process. The College also has academic partners across the country. MCC can be a stepping stone to an advanced college degree or other specialized education opportunities.  

Students were celebrated during a ceremony Wednesday in Phoenix with all the other All Arizona Academic Team recipients across the 10 community college districts. Students will also be recognized during the MCC Board of Governors meeting in March.   

Christopher Hadley has been selected to be a part of the All-Arizona Academic Team. He’s an MCC student on the Bullhead Campus.


Erin Kirksey has been selected to be part of the All-Arizona Academic Team. She’s an online MCC student out of the Lake Havasu Campus.


Ian Fleming has been selected to be part of the All-Arizona Academic Team. He’s an MCC student on the Bullhead Campus.

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