57 Lions and Tigers from Argentina Being Rehomed to Northern AZ Sanctuary

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October 27, 2021

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57 Lions and Tigers from Argentina Being Rehomed to Northern AZ Sanctuary

Keepers of the Wild nature park and wildlife sanctuary, located in Valentine, AZ, has teamed with animal welfare organization Enfoque Animal, alongside Zoo Lujan, both
located in Argentina, to rehome 57 lions and tigers to the accredited sanctuary. With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, a new circumstance that is greatly impacting animals around the globe has been added to the list of reasons wild and exotic animals are being unloaded or rehomed. Some businesses were permanently closed or have been closed for well over a year, impacting their revenue.

Such is the case of the Zoo Lujan located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The zoo is currently undergoing a reconversion plan and has agreed to work exclusively with Keepers of the
Wild to rehome 57 felines to the sanctuary beginning in December 2021. 10 lions (8 female and 2 male) will be arriving at Keepers of the Wild before the end of the year from Zoo Lujan. The remaining 47 will arrive throughout the next year and a half.

New habitats at the sanctuary are currently being built and existing ones are being retrofitted to accommodate the future feline residents. With another significant increase
in animal residents, so too, will the sanctuary’s operational costs increase. Habitats, food, medical, and staff to care for 10 of the cats will expand the non-profit’s yearly
animal care expenditures by approximately $250,000.

Founded in 1995 by Jonathan Kraft, Keepers of the Wild is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is currently home to approximately 150 rescued wild animal residents
that include 50 different species. The nature park, nestled into 175 acres on historic Route 66 just east of Kingman, takes in exotic wildlife that has been abused,
abandoned, surrendered by private owners, or ordered by courts to be confiscated and rehomed such as the seven big cats of Tiger King Park that arrived at Keepers of the
Wild in May 2021.

The wildlife sanctuary is licensed and accredited by AZ Game & Fish, USDA, the American Sanctuary Association, the Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance, GuideStar, Charity
Navigator, and others. To learn more and to help support this important rescue, please visit www.keepersofthewild.org

Photos taken by Enfoque Animal, Argentina.

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  1. One story homes in Valentine will we be able to visit them like in a zoo? This could also bring Revenue to help take care of the felines

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