A Celebration for the Ages

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August 15, 2019

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On Saturday August 10th multiple family and friends of Ruby Dishneau (Resident of Kingman) flooded in from across the country such as Florida, North Carolina, Oregon and many more to celebrate Mrs Ruby’s 100th Birthday!

Mrs Ruby Dishneau was born on August 10, 1919 on the Tunica Mississippi, on the River to Willie and John Garrison. She was 1 of 9 children. She did attend school for a bit but then had to go to work, she washed dishes, babysat for the rich folks, picked cotton, and vegetables. Her mother passed away at a young age from Tuberculosis, so her father had to raise all the kids by himself, which meant they traveled a lot and some of that was by railroad. Ruby, herself, had 7 children and worked none stop to support and help all of her children. She delivered hundreds of babies being a mid wife.

When The Bee team was able to sit down with Ruby, we were simply amazed and honored to have gotten the chance to meet and talk with someone that has lived through several decades. Ruby highlighted 1945 being her best decade to have been apart of as that is when Ruby moved to Glendale Arizona. When Ruby was asked what is the secret to her longevity she smiled and said “its simple, you must trust in the lord, as trust is one of the greatest treasures we have until it is broken”.

As we complain with aging and constantly wish we are young, Ruby on the other hand stated that getting as old as she is was one of her greatest accomplishments.

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