ADOT Fails to Add Rancho Santa Fe to Five-Year Construction Program

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March 19, 2019

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KINGMAN, Ariz. – Kingman city officials have been working with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) for decades regarding the need for the Rancho Santa Fe Interchange. Safety concerns, economic development, and community input have all been key with the project to move forward.


“Although, we look forward to working with ADOT on other projects in our area, we are disappointed that this key project for Kingman did not make the tentative plan,” City of Kingman Mayor Jen Miles said. “We’re hoping local support can put the project back on the five-year program, because it will be so impactful to our city’s growth. City staff have spent countless hours working with ADOT staff and presenting at ADOT Board meetings – I would hate to see all that dedication and work be stalled.”


There are now two public hearings remaining regarding the tentative five-year program; the first was already held March 15 in Tucson. The tentative and current 5-year programs are located on the ADOT website:

These remaining public hearings regarding the tentative plan will be held April 12 in Flagstaff, and May 17 in Phoenix. ADOT will adopt the final five-year plan June 21 in Pinetop-Lakeside.


According to ADOT’s website, “Major projects begin as part of the agency’s long-range visioning process, move into a 20-year plan and a six- to 10-year development program and then become part of the Five-Year Program, which is developed by working closely with local planning organizations and community leaders to identify projects that are ready to build or design. Funding for the Five-Year Program is generated by the users of transportation services, primarily through gasoline and diesel fuel taxes and the vehicle license tax. Both the Maricopa and Pima county regions have independent revenue streams established through voter-approved sales tax increases that allow for more expansion projects to take place.”


Rancho Santa Fe Parkway History:


·         1971 – The need for an additional roadway connection to the Airport is identified in the Kingman General Plan


·         1980 – The project is acknowledged in a Kingman Transportation Study


·         1999 – The City of Kingman completes a parkway interchange assessment at the present Rancho Santa Fe Parkway alignment


·         2005 – The Kingman Area Transportation Study recommends the Traffic Interchange (TI) and Rancho Santa Fe Parkway improvements (then known as Rattle Snake TI)


·         2005 – ADOT programs and funds $598,000 for a Design Concept Report (DCR)


·         2005 – The City of Kingman signs a Development Agreement with property owners agreeing to certain rezoning and right of way dedications for the Interchange under Ordinance No. 1485


·         2006 – The City of Kingman signs a Letter of Intent with ADOT agreeing to a 70% State, 30% City cost split for the project (Resolution 4249)


·         2007 – The Final DCR is complete


·         2008 – 2011 – ADOT programs and funds $1.73 million for consultant (URS) to prepare 95% design plans and specifications


·         2009 – ADOT includes $18 million for construction on its 5-year plan


·         2010 – 2012 – ADOT includes $5 million for the project on its 5-year plan


·         2008 – 2018 – The City includes the project on its 5-year plan


·         2018 – 2019 – The City funds $1.4 million for a Program Manager and right of way acquisition


·         2019 – 2020 – The City proposes $2 million to complete design plans and right of way acquisition

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