All students and visitors will be required to pass through metal detectors effective Monday, March 6th

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March 3, 2023

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In a letter from Dr. Tim Richard to the community he outlines the timeline for the approved policy change for Colorado River Union High School District #2.

”The Governing Board of our school district approved a policy requiring all students and visitors to our schools to pass through a metal detector. Since that time we have installed metal detectors and several feet of security fencing on our campuses. For the past few months, our metal detectors have been used in a limited capacity for the purposes of testing.

In order for our staff to meet the Governing Board’s expectations, full implementation of the Governing Board’s policy will begin Monday, March 6th. All students will be required, by the Governing Board policy, to pass through a metal detector to gain access to our campuses.

Students who activate a metal detector, will have to wait for a second attempt to pass through and will more than likely end up being late to class depending upon each individual circumstance. Students who are frequently late to class may receive consequences for being tardy.

To avoid setting off the metal detector students should be prepared to pass through them without certain items containing metal. Examples include, but are not limited to:

Excessive Jewelry such as Chains, Spikes and Purses with studs.

Wired Glasses

Steel-toed boots

Cell phones and electronic devices

Some of these items may be kept in bags or purses and or be pushed around the detectors. Bags and Purses will be scanned by security and may be subject to an additional search. Our staff is committed to getting all students into class as quickly and as safely as possible. We ask for your patience in the coming weeks as we Implement this school board policy directive.”

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