Angela Green (GRN)

Published by The Bee News

July 26, 2018

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CANDIDATE: U.S. Senator (Green Party) (write in)

BIO: I am truly a grassroots candidate. I come from humble beginnings. My father, an Army Vet, met my mother in Bangkok, Thailand, when he was stationed there during the Vietnam war. He even learned the language just to win her over. He was the true epitome of “love not war.” When I looked at both main Parties, Red and Blue…I started thinking…. I want the voice of the Independents and Millennials to be heard. Along with the LGBTQ communities and definitely the blue & white collared workers. I want to be remembered as a leader with strong values and one that brought back the basics. Like making Red and Blue states GREEN with organic farming and medicinal marijuana. We need to BRING OUR FARMERS BACK and KEEP OUR FAMILIES TOGETHER. I want to create jobs and laws that make sense. And finally, what I want to be remembered for is making AZ teachers the highest paid in our country. And why not? AZ is a wealthy state. Let’s Make America Green Again, Because It’s Already Great! Yes We Will Make A Difference!

RESIDENCY: Chandler, Arizona

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  1. What are your views on the more controversial topic: abortion,marijuana, Kavanaugh,Flake,McCain etc.

  2. You give no specific details for anything, not even on your website. You are nothing more than a syphon of votes from the dems so the republicans can win.

    • She looks like a Republican operative. The Green Party is NOT about winning elections, it’s about pulling enough votes from young people to keep Republican in power. I suspect this lady is on the Koch brothers payroll. The fact she only speaks in empty platitudes is a tell she is not really trying to win this race.

    • I agree. Another typical Repub maneuvering.Win at any cost…… gerrymander, lie obstruct minority voters etc.

  3. I like her all of her platform except for the LGBTQ. It is not comparatively that important as the farming , infrastructure, transportation, energy, and international (war) issues.

  4. What are your positions on women’s rights to choose, gun control, Teacher pay?
    I also would be interested to hear the rest of your positions and platforms.

  5. This lady is funny. She wants to be the voice of the blue & white collared, but does she think of collard Greens? She has a lot of “wants”, but not a lot of ideas or solutions about how to turn those wants into reality. I find this to be the mantra of the Green movement in general. A whole bunch of ideas, but no real clue about how to implement them into law so that they actually benefit people. She wants to “bring back the basics”. What in the hell does that even mean? The basics of segregation? The basics of keeping women from having access to contraceptive rights? The basics of helping the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? This woman has never served in political office, yet her ego tells her she is ready to be a US Senator, without even a basic understanding of our our constitutional republic works. I smell something fishy.

  6. I see lots of negative comments about Angela Green just because Angela refuses to go along with either mainstream party. At the same time most of the commenters look at our political system with a “pipe vision”, unable to see more than a very small segment of the grand picture.
    The truth is that both main parties have been corrupted almost beyond repair, I saw it first hand when being a delegate for Bernie Sanders in 2016 when the democratic party undermined anyone competing with their pre-crowned chosen one. Angela Green description of her experience with the Democratic Party fits exactly what I saw with my own eyes in 2016 and that is the reason why we see an emerging new generation of politically active younger individuals reminding the old elite about the principles they are supposed to support instead of defending their own tribal interest.
    It may take a while, perhaps Angela will not succeed this time but she is young, intelligent and her message will grow among the younger generation, a generation demanding better.

    • She has a completely empty platform. Only an idiot would fall for her lies. What is wrong with you fools? NOTHING she says is real. She is a scam! She has NO events. Nothing but a few “get togethers” at bars where a few people show up and get drunk!

      What kind of lame brained fools fall for this scam? Seriously?

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