Arizona Drivers Will See New Fee On Vehicle Registrations

Published by The Bee News

November 29, 2018

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PHOENIX–Arizona motorists expecting vehicle registration renewals will see a new Public Safety Fee starting Dec. 1. 

The fee was established by state law to support public safety and Highway Patrol operations. It will go into effect for registrations due in January which can be paid as early as Dec. 1, and immediately for newly registered vehicles.

Most motorists will now pay $32 per vehicle, per year. Street-legal golf carts and primarily off-highway vehicles will pay $5. Those who register a vehicle annually or pay for a two-or five-year registration will pay the entire amount up front for each registered year.

 The fee will be collected during the vehicle-registration process administered by the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division. Arizona statute established the method for collecting the fee and sets the process for determining the amount based on a formula designed to support Highway Patrol operations.

Highway Patrol operations — among the most visible functions of the Arizona Department of Public Safety — include response to collisions on Arizona highways, enforcing state laws designed to keep the motoring public safe, arresting impaired drivers, assisting motorists in distress, air-rescue operations and patrolling more than 6,800 miles of highways.

The funds raised through the Public Safety Fee will not only provide necessary dollars for public safety, but will advance maintenance and construction of Arizona’s highway infrastructure, including the state’s Key Commerce Corridors that support economic development around the state.

Over the past decade, much of the Highway Patrol’s budget was considered part of the Arizona Highway User Revenue Fund, the gas-tax account that supports Arizona roadways, including law-enforcement support. 

The new $32 Public Safety Fee will allow gas-tax money to support roadway maintenance and construction, while providing a different source of funding for Highway Patrol operations.

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  1. Fucking asswholes u allready charge out the ass wth and give it to the police to stop Inparied drivers lol how about doing something about how u dish out drivers licenses to old people who have no business driving . How about that

  2. Kinda like communist cali

  3. I am requesting more information on $32 public safety fee, while providing a different source of funding for Highway Patrol operations.
    Thank you.

  4. are you kidding? who took it upon them selves to rape the public? Hey! this isn’t kalif ! stupid taxes, that ARE NOT VOTED ON ,BUY THE PUBLIC, is stupid kalif stuff!
    I can assure you, this needs voter approval! no one wants this BS!

  5. How about charging the “sno-birds” extra for clogging up the roads?! Anyone from out of state that resides here for more than 1 week which is a normal vacation should pay extra AZ DOT fees for highway maintenance, DUI’s and just plain stupid driving. If they are here for 6 months, then half of their state vehicle registration should be paid to Arizona!

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