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Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety awards funding to MCSO

Written by The Bee

October 31, 2019

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Sheriff Doug Schuster is pleased to announce that the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office has received funding
from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety to purchase:
 One (1) Speed Awareness Trailer
 One (1) Crash Data Recorder

Speeding complaints continue to be an element of a community’s quality of life concerns. Speeding vehicles
create dangerous conditions for members of the community as they walk and drive in their neighborhoods.
By advising motorists of their current speed along with the posted speed limit, we hope to educate and slow
down the drivers in our communities. When available, this trailer will be deployed throughout the County in
residential and business areas where speeding vehicles have been identified as a continuing problem.
The Crash Data Recorder will assist in serious and fatal traffic accidents, by allowing investigators to access
the data stored on the vehicles on-board computer systems that may include data such as:
• Vehicle speed
• Brake status
• Steering wheel angle
• Crash severity (delta-V)
• Seat belt status
Engine throttle
• Accelerator pedal position
• Transmission gear position
• Airbag deployment data
• Occupant detection information

This information will be used to assist in the investigations of traffic accidents and prosecution of criminal
cases when necessary.

Sheriff Schuster would like to thank Director Gutier and the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety for
their continued support for traffic safety in Mohave County.

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