Arizona Ranks #3 for Retirement Destinations

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February 17, 2020

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Of all of the places in which Americans can retire, one of the most popular and often stereotyped is Florida. The U.S. Census Bureau projects that the senior population in the Sunshine State will double by 2030. While Florida may be the most well-known and quintessential retirement destination, it’s definitely not the only option for Americans looking to relocate during their golden years.

We examined a decade of migration data to learn where Americans move once they hit the age of 50. While people in this age group don’t move across state or city lines at the same rate as Americans in their 20s, they are still moving into new homes from California to New York.

Whether you’re considering retirement relocation or are interested in migration trends in the U.S., read on to see which metropolitan areas have seen the greatest change in the number of people aged 50 and older who’ve migrated over the last 10 years.

Migration Map

When looking at domestic migration patterns of people aged 50 and older, the most popular states for relocating to included Florida, Arizona, and Texas. In fact, these states have tax benefits that are especially helpful to this particular age bracket. Texas and Florida have no state income tax, and Arizona does not tax Social Security income.

  • AZ is the No. 3 destination for people 50+ with 85.5K of AZ residents age 50+ migrating from out of state
  • Most of those 50+ that relocate to AZ originate from CA, CO, FL, OR and WA, respectively
  • Lake Havasu City-Kingman ranks the No. 4 most popular metro area for 50+ relocations—8.3% of their 50+ residents are new to town and 54.3% of residents are 50+
  • Additionally, Yuma (8.1%) and Prescott (6.6%) have some of the highest rates of unemployed transplants aged 50 and older


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