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Arizona’s Presidential Preference Election

Written by The Bee

February 3, 2020

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Only properly registered members of the Democratic Party can participate in Arizona’s Presidential Preference Election (PPE) scheduled Tuesday, March 17. The purpose is to determine which of the 18 Democratic Presidential candidates that Arizona will be nominating for the National Democratic Party. The Arizona Republican Party previously determined that President Donald Trump will be Arizona’s nominee for the GOP National Party. Independents and others must register as Democrats by the February 18 deadline if they wish to participate in
Arizona’s March 17 PPE. Voter registration information and forms can be downloaded by visiting the Mohave County Website ( Click on the Government tab and select the County Recorder’s page and the Voter Registration tab. Anyone uncertain of their voter registration status can scroll below the Voter Registration tab and click on the Search Your Voter Registration Tab.
Those participating in the PPE in Mohave County can cast ballots at their regular polling places which will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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