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August is National Water Quality Month

Written by The Bee News

August 9, 2021

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August is National Water Quality Month

KINGMAN, Ariz. – The City of Kingman would like the community to join us in the recognition of Water Quality Month, and the team that provides over 40,000 local customers with clean drinking water throughout the City of Kingman, and some beyond the city limits. Our water system produced over 2.7 billion gallons last year.

Kingman City Manager Ron Foggin said, “Our water is such an important commodity in the desert, and I’m proud that our team provides this impeccable service to our customers. I’d also like to note that the Kingman Annual Water Quality Report has important, money-saving conservation tips that all of us can easily follow.”

A staff of 23 Kingman Public Works team members takes care of the system, or approximately 1 employee per every 2,000 residents, based on an estimate of 46,000 customers served within the City of Kingman’s water service boundaries. We provide not only quality water, but quality service to our customers.

The City of Kingman is fortunate to have very good water quality due to our water coming from deep groundwater wells. We can taste the quality and have the scientific proof through water analysis to support it!

The City of Kingman constantly works to ensure that the water each of us drink from our taps is clean and safe. A yearly water quality report details where our water comes from, what is in our water and how it compares to the standards set by the regulatory agencies which we must report our findings to. The City of Kingman is required by both the Federal Government and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, under the Safe Drinking Water Act, to provide this report to our customers on an annual basis. This report is for the most current sampling schedule:

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