Authorities Seeking Information On Alleged Burglary Suspect

Published by The Bee News

December 21, 2018

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GOLDEN VALLEY–Authorities are asking for the public’s help in locating a man wanted in connection to several burglaries in the Golden Valley area.

Austin Dean Ward, 19, is believed to be in possession of multiple stolen firearms.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office at 928-753-0753 or call their toll free number at 1-800-522-4312.

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  1. We had an unpleasant encounter with this dirtbag a while back when he and his little buddy on the red quad ( normally found behind the Texaco station on 68) almost hit us head on on Mobile as they were leaving one of our local drug houses at a high rate of speed, sideways. They dropped a tightly stuffed zip lock bag in their wild evasive actions & night, as well. had to go back & pick it up. This is the same dirtbag who is running up and down burro & Chino at all hours of the day and night also, if any of you are curious. Based on what we observed, I don’t doubt that he’s delivering something and it isn’t pizza. He was yelling “My dad is a deputy” as he tried to cause us to hit him while throwing the quad in front of our car a second time. I had a talk with our lovely county stuporvisor (Wilma Bishop) about the event because of the “my dad is a deputy” aspect and her comment was “that’s not enough for me to take to the sheriff”. She did threaten to report me to the sheriff for saying that maybe next time I wouldn’t take evasive action to avoid a collision. And gee, wasn’t she part of the MCSO at one time? Funny how reluctant she was to address this issue involving criminal activity by a (supposed) deputy’s family member. Of course, it’s just coincidence, I’m sure. This is the end result. I’m sure that he’s gathered up a bunch more victims who’d not have ended up victims had she’d interceded with the SO to get this guy taken down. But hey! His daddy is (supposedly) a deputy!

  2. I tried to get this guy taken down a while back after observing him leaving a drug house and dropping a tightly stuff zip lock back of something on the street. He was yelling “my dad is a deputy” after almost hitting us head on and getting the finger for his efforts. I talked to wilma bishop about this incident because of the “my dad is a deputy” aspect. It needed to go to their internal affairs people. She refused to do so but she did offer to report me for making the comment that next time I wouldn’t take evasive action when he almost hits me. Funny how she didn’t think that the stated law enforcement family member warranted any potential scrutiny. Wasn’t she a member of MCSO? Just coincidence, I’m sure. It makes me wonder how many future victims could have been saved their heartache had she acted at that time. Hey, but us LE folks have to stick together, I guess (sarcasm/off)

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