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February 7, 2023

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Bullhead City Middle School administrators have reported worsening vandalism in school restrooms coinciding with social media posts by a small group of students trying to shut down the school to get extended vacations.  The posts have appeared on Tik Tok, Facebook and other sites.

“In addition to the damage that has already been done, we’ve received reports from the Bullhead City Police Department and others of students’ social media threats to inflict even more damage, primarily by clogging plumbing,” principal Cynthia Cochran advised parents Tuesday afternoon.  “Last week’s emergency repairs in a main sewer line removed multiple pairs of underwear.  We’ve now found sweaters and plastic cups blocking toilets, as well as urination on the walls.  There have also been clumps of tampons flushed down toilets far in excess of normal use by those students and adults on campus.”

Earlier in the day, Cochran announced to students that continued vandalism will not be tolerated, miscreants will be disciplined, and that the school will not close if the behaviors continue.  

​“In addition to the disgusting and unhealthy conditions these behaviors have created for other students and educators, facilities employees have already spent over 40 hours finding and removing blockages,” added Bullhead City School District Superintendent Carolyn Stewart.  “Since BCSD does not have specialized equipment for such extensive situations, outside companies have to be hired.”

​Cochran asked the school’s parents, many of whom attended there as youths, to talk to their children about responsibility and behavior, both on and off campus.

​“Let me be direct,” she noted.  “If the restrooms are inoperative, we’ll bring in porta-potties.   What some see as pranks may be felonies.  As destructive children are identified, they – and their parents – will be held accountable.  Criminal charges and financial restitution may be involved.  Damages and repairs may require make-up days past the end of the regular school year.  Serious disciplinary issue records will follow a student if he or she tries to enroll in another school, whether public or charter.”

​“Sadly,” Stewart said, “the behavior of a few students reduces the educational opportunities for all other students.”

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