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May 14, 2022

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BULLHEAD CITY – All it took to change an attitude was a student who left his packed lunch home one day and was allowed to eat in the school cafeteria despite not having any money.  That personal incident decades ago led best-selling author Jarrett Krosoczka  to write a series of children’s books about school cafeteria workers – “lunch ladies” – and the secret superhero lives they lead.  Those books have homes at all three Bullhead City School District (BCSD) elementary libraries.

To mark “School Lunch Hero Day,” created  by Krosoczka, BCSD food service provider Chartwells School Dining Services donated copies of Lunch Lady 2-For-1 Special: The First Helping.  Chartwells director of dining services Elise Arouh and assistant director Estella Baxter also read to third grade students at Diamondback and Sunrise Elementary Schools.  Desert Valley’s library had a separate presentation.

In addition to BCSD, Chartwells is donating 2,500 copies of Lunch Lady 2-For-1 Special: The First Helping to every elementary school it serves.

At Sunrise and Desert Valley, the Lunch Lady books are so popular that they’re constantly checked out and worn from use.  At Diamondback, the series will be introduced to students during the new school year.

In an online video, Krosoczka noted that school “lunch ladies” are often viewed as comic material in popular culture, when in fact they are responsible for feeding millions of children every day.  That included their continuous role during state-mandated COVID-related school shutdowns. Chartwells’ BCSD staff prepared tens of thousands of grab-and-go meals while students studied remotely.

Two older Lunch Heroes Books

Estella Reading at Sunrise ES

Estella and Lynda Matheson at SR

Elise reading at DB

Elise at Diamondback

DV Librarian Sonyia Roy & Estella with new book

DB Charity Stevens, Elise, Kym Godwin



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