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February 1, 2024

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BULLHEAD CITY – An assault on the Fox Creek Junior High School campus may lead to criminal charges against at least one student, and disciplinary action against a number of others, school officials announced Thursday.  Initial reports indicate that one girl had planned in advance to attack another, and arranged for a group of students to not only witness but also record the assault Thursday afternoon.

It took a faculty member almost 30 seconds to stop the assault due to being blocked by a circle of student onlookers.  The victim was treated by school staff, and family members were notified right away.

The alleged attacker showed no remorse when questioned by school officials.   Disciplinary action was started immediately, and is also underway against those who recorded the assault.  

“Any student, parent or member of the community who doesn’t think there will be severe consequences is mistaken,” said Dr. Carolyn Stewart, Bullhead City School District superintendent.  “Fox Creek’s Bullhead City Police Department school resource officer is already involved.”

Stewart noted that while posting videos of school fights and assaults has become an online trend, there may be additional consequences to follow.  Recording on campus without authorization violates state law and district policy.  But even more serious ramifications occur when FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, is violated.  Both recording and posting videos of the assault potentially violate federal law since premeditated criminal activity is involved.

School officials encouraged students or others in the community to come forward with information as the investigation progresses.

“There’s a difference between being a snitch and reporting a possible crime,” Stewart added.

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