BHCPD Officer Gifts Theft Victim New Walker

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May 4, 2018

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BULLHEAD CITY–A local elderly man is praising the actions of the Bullhead City Police after an officer went above and beyond the call of duty last week.

When Tom Shoemaker, 73, went grocery shopping on April 30 at the local Safeway, he never thought someone would steal his walker.

“Who does that kind of thing?” asked Shoemaker. “You have to be pretty low to steal the lifeline out from someone you don’t even know.” Shoemaker said the walker was placed near the electric carts at the north end of the store entrance. He left it there while he did his shopping in one of the electric carts.

“Without any assistance, I can’t walk,” said Shoemaker.

Shoemaker immediately notified the store manager, who in turn called the police. The officer who responded to the incident was Officer Charles English, a 15-year veteran of the Bullhead City Police Department.

“The officer who helped me is a wonderful human being,” said Shoemaker. “He did not have to do what he did for me.”

After taking the report of the missing walker, Officer English went above his police duties and assisted Shoemaker back to his home.

“He followed me home to make sure I got home safely, he unloaded my groceries from my vehicle and even put them away for me,” Shoemaker said. “You don’t hear of the good things police do these days, but this is one of them.”

The next morning, Officer English surprised Shoemaker with a new walker.

Bullhead City Police spokeswoman Emily Fromelt said English and a few of the emergency dispatchers tipped in together to purchase Shoemaker the new walker.

“I was shocked when he showed up with the new walker,” said Shoemaker. “I was beginning to wonder how I would get around without it. It’s my lifeline.”

Other good news Shoemaker received later that day was the suspect had been arrested.

“I can’t praise them enough for finding the person who did this,” he said.

The suspect, Carlos Jose Delgado, 66, was arrested by police on May 1 at his residence in the 1700 block of Dorado Drive, after a complaint was reported in the Safeway parking lot.

Police reportedly found the stolen walker in Delgado’s possession, said Fromelt.  He was cited and released with a promise to appear at a future court date on the theft charges.

“This incident is a true example of serving the community and going above and beyond the call of duty,” said Bullhead City Police Chief Brian Williamson. “I am very proud of the officers and dispatchers involved in helping this gentleman replace his walker. This is a true act of kindness and compassion.”

Williamson continued, “Members of this police department often participate in such acts of this nature, however they mostly go unnoticed. I appreciate Mr. Shoemaker bringing this to my attention. In most cases the employees involved never notify me because they are not looking for praise”.



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  1. Officer English exemplifies community service in his professional life, and in his personal life. He and firefighter Matt Breen are volunteer coaches for the youngsters in the Mohave Wrestling Club. Like so many of our local firefighters and police officers, they attended our public schools and graduated from MHS. Our community is fortunate!

  2. Officer English is one of the great ones BHCPD is lucky to have. He & many of the dispatchers do this sort of thing a lot but never ask for any attention. I wish the citizens of BHC would give them more credit. They are extremely caring individuals!!! WTG Officer English & dispatch!!

  3. I love hearing this! I am always annoyed by all the negative press officers get, it is always a slap in the face for compassionate individuals, no one knows how many times they lay their lives on the line everyday. Blue lives matter thank you for your services gentlemen and your compassion! Nice to have a easy gig once in a while.

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