Bird Scooters Coming to Kingman

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February 2, 2022

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KINGMAN, Ariz. – The Kingman City Council voted last night to approve the one-year pilot program of the Bird Scooter company bringing 50 scooters to the city, appearing in the next 2-4 weeks. The city is not financially invested, but the Electric Scooter Pilot Program Operating Agreement has the company paying an application and ride-share fee for the following: Agreement Application Fee of $250 and a per ride fee of $0.10 to help fund similar programs.

City of Kingman Staff will be working with the local business entrepreneur to dedicate staging areas for the 50 units. Once those areas are determined, a more in-depth awareness and program operations campaign will be published throughout the community.


Kingman is joining the list of roughly 400 cities that have gone through an extensive evaluation and approval of this same program. We want to highlight the fact that this is a pilot program. The city is not financially investing in this, nor are they committing to a multi-year program. It’s a trial period to determine how transportation like this would be used. At the end of the program, the city will have enough data to make an informed decision on extending this program or not.

Bird Rides, Inc. operates under a model that leans on local businesses/entrepreneurs to run the in-field operations. This local representative has already been recruited by Bird Rides Inc. The agreement states that the scooters will be governed by the rules applying to bicycles and are to be ridden on streets. A geo-fence system will be put in place to create no-ride zones. The agreement stipulates that the scooters will be made available to rent from 4 a.m. to midnight. Bird Rides is required to provide visible contact information, including toll-free phone number and/or e-mail address on each scooter for members of the public to make relocation requests or to report other issues with devices.

To use the Bird e-scooters, riders must download the app, via a smartphone, and create an account to pay for the ride. Rules, which are similar to those using a bicycle, must be followed by the rider, according to the agreement. Anyone over 18 with a smartphone and a credit card can activate a scooter and take it for a ride at a variable per-minute rate. Average cost to User $1.00 to start per min fee between 30-cents and 40-cents per min.

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  1. This sounds like a great idea. Depends on the cost for a day I might try it . Also depends on location of pick up.

  2. Research Salt Lake City’s experience with them. Constant near misses with vehicular traffic, scooters left lying abandoned underfoot on sidewalks, or just dropped anywhere in the way of pedestrian traffic while the users are inside shopping the stores and merchants. We were coming out of an antique shop in downtown Salt Lake City and were clipped by two people riding one of these scooters. No injuries to us, but in the process of bouncing off of us, they lost control of the scooter and managed to tear up the side of a car parked at the curb. They got up and took off leaving the damaged car behind. No plates on the scooter so we couldn’t leave any info for the owner of the unattended car to try and recover damages. We’ll see if Kingman has better success with these.

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