BLM to gather wild burros in three communities

Published by The Bee News

August 10, 2018

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LAKE HAVASU CITY – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is conducting a trio of emergency gathers of wild burros starting today in Bullhead City, Ariz. and next week in Cibola and the Parker Strip.

The gathers come after discussions and concerns brought forth by private landowners and community leaders following a string of incidents involving wild burros.

Approximately 470 animals in total are expected to be gathered from the three areas and transported to the BLM Wild Horse and Burro facility in Florence, Ariz., and Ridgecrest, Calif., where they will be prepared for possible adoption. For more information on how to adopt a wild horse or burro, please visit

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  1. hope we can trust them not to kill the burros. and I say shame on those who complain about the animals being on their land. they were here long before anyone today was born. they are precious.

  2. So far they’ve already had round ups in BHC…how many animals have been removed from there this year?? Do the residents of the city have a voice in this ??

  3. I just spoke at Lake Havasu City Council meeting about wild burrros. I said positive things about seeing two of them when walking on BLM land nearby recently, and about finding a hawk or owl nest made primarily of wild burro dung. Learned online yesterday there were management issues, but just now found this and another link showing there was a recent roundup of wild burros here in November 2018. Wished I’d have known, could have been more specific in discouraging that.

  4. Disappointing to learn of the burro roundup. When speaking at that Lake Havasu City Council meeting (January 2019), shared a story of hiking England’s Hadrian’s Wall in 1990. The day before completing the hike, was hiking in a bleak, remote area near the wall. Felt the ground shake, saw a huge dust cloud over about 100 yards away, and then noticed it was a herd of horses galloping around a bend headed straight for me. They charged up and skidded to a stop, forming a half circle right in front of me. The leader stepped forward approaching me as I showed it my empty hands, explaining I didn’t know about them and hadn’t any food. Even took off my backpack to show them it didn’t contain any apples or anything. A few of them seemed to nod to one another as if they understood, deciding then to turn around and take off. It was a great experience, and those wild burros in the desert brought to mind those Hadrian Wall horses. They really enhance outdoor hiking experiences.

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