Brian Keith Jones (1964-2020)

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July 27, 2020

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Brian Keith Jones 11/25/1964 – 07/11/2020

Brian was a loving and caring father, survived bg his daughter Stephanie. In his life, he had made it his duty to love and care for his family to the best of his ability. Whether it be teaching his daughter to write when she was young to giving guidance and life advice when older. He had cared for his own mother for many years as a caretaker, setting aside many of his dreams to support his loved ones.

He was a musician at heart who loved playing guitar and writing songs, poems, and stories. Much like his own father. He was someone who believed in the expression of artistic talent that brings people together. He carried this passion and creativity with him in everything he did. From welding to writing, he was meticulous and caring.

He preached mercy and kindness to those around him. Believed in Jesus and the forgiveness we should all have for those around us. There was nothing but devotion and happiness in his religious views.

He was loved very much by his daughter, his mother, his cousins and other family members

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