Bullhead City Councilman John Mieding Passes Away

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November 14, 2021

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It is with great sadness that we inform the residents of Bullhead City about the passing of Bullhead City Councilman John Mieding. John passed away today at his home. Please keep Robynne and the Mieding family in your thoughts and prayers. John was born and raised in a suburb of Los Angeles. He graduated with a B. S. in Mechanical Engineering from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and became a registered Professional Engineer. He held various positions at Borg Warner Industrial Products, where he was involved with the design, installation and operation of pumps, valves and piping systems used in commercial and nuclear power plants, naval propulsion systems, industrial and chemical plants, and refineries.

John and his wife Robynne relocated to Bullhead City in 1994 to pursue a business opportunity, and found a community rich in history, recreational opportunities, and populated with extraordinary people committed to their community. The quality of life afforded in Bullhead City represented a perfect place to raise their family. The children, now grown, have become a lawyer turned software engineer, a teacher, a career member of the military, and a junior college student studying business and earning his pilot license.

John has been employed for the last 8 years for Mohave County, Public Works Division, where he is currently Facilities Manager. His hobbies include spending time with grandchildren, flying, and restoring old cars. As a business owner and community member, he has been and remains active in multiple City and non-profit organizations, both locally and regionally.

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  1. I grew up three houses up Dahlia Drive from John and his family. John never waivered in his good character or earnestness. John was one of my earliest childhood friends and I remember him vividly. He was a reader and a dreamer. A voracious reader. He was also very intelligent and it would have behooved me to pay closer attention to John’s attitudes and behavior. We grew apart as teens and I regret that. Such is life I suppose. I could tell stories of John’s dog Lad or the intercom system he installed in his home as a nine year old boy or the plywood airplane he designed and built with his buddy Jerry Wombacher and Rick Harsh. I could tell the story of our morse code communication line we ran along our back fences and buffered with D cell batteries along the line.. The days of treehouses, slingshots, mud puddles and Star Trek and Batman. I could tell the story of how I once, during a childhood spat with John, I decided to fill his bed with chickenfeed when he wasn’t looking one afternoon. I could relate that when he discovered the feed and came up the street that evening to probably punch me in the nose, I was spared his wrath because when he knocked on my front door a skunk decided to squirt him. We laughed about it later. I learned to drive in his driveway by backing his mom’s Nova up the little hill and coasting back to its parking place over and over. I remember his first girlfriend Sharon McCarty. I remember his dogs Lad and Sport and the chickens and his dad’s racing pigeons and the damn pony and his annoying little sisters who am sure were as annoyed by us and his mom and his dad and his aunt Miss Niekamp who became our seventh grade teacher. I remember his suction cup duck hunt game and his tumbleweed Christmas tree. I remember him well. I could say that stuff and more, but I really want to say that even though we have not spoken in decades I will miss John. A friend of my youth. The better man. God Bless you Farmer John’s Son. RIP old buddy.
    See you soon… Mike Morrison

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