Bullhead City PROPOSITION 410 (EPCOR Purchase)

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July 26, 2018

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What is Prop 410?

Shall the City of Bullhead City, Arizona (the “City”), be authorized to purchase and acquire any plant or property or portion of plant or property of EPCOR Water Arizona, Inc., (or any legal successor) in and around City corporate limits devoted to the business of and services and enterprises rendered by a public utility, which authority shall include for such purposes, and to pay all expenses incidental to any of the foregoing and to the issuance and sale of bonds, the issuance and sale of bonds payable from rates charged for service to the public from such business, services and enterprises (not from a property tax); such bonds to be in the principal amount of not to exceed $200,000,000 and such bonds or any series thereof to mature not more than 30 years from their date and to bear interest at a rate or rates not to exceed 7% per annum, payable at the times determined by the Council of the City? 

This proposition will go before voters on November 6, 2018 during the General Election. We will continue to update with more information as it becomes available.


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  1. This is absolutely the most ridiculous decision this council and/or Mayor and City Manager has made in any city I have lived in. I am completely opposed to this decision as well as several others around me (in my subdivision) and we will be sure to be talking with our other citizens about this. We are a fixed income family and do not see any good come out of this decision!! Run the city, not our utilities!!!

    • You have been hearing and passing on “FAKE NEWS”, please call and talk to the Mayor or someone from the H20 group. That $200,000,000 number is totally erroneous to start with and even if the proposition does pass it just allows the city to look at the feasibility of the city going forward with purchasing the service from EPCOR.

      Why do you think it is our duty to support a Canadian company and help them pay for service to Maricopa County and the Tucson area, when they do virtually nothing to improve service in our area?

      Ah, you must be a supporter of the Socialist party, you must think we can all eventually pay much more for our water service, send our dollars to Canada and hope they help us here in Bullhead City, dream on and enjoy your “pie in the sky” dreams.

    • It’s unfortunate that you think this. If you are a fixed income family, then do you believe that this FOR PROFIT company who reports to the Corporation Commission is going to do better at keeping your rates down than your local NON PROFIT city government? EPCOR has already raised your rates once a few years ago and with this it will be nearly 93 percent in five years. Oh..by the way…they are then going to invest another $59 million into the infrastructure. THEN they will be back (per law) to recoup that money. So you can expect your current $24 per 7000 gallons to be closer to $42 in the short term and perhaps as much as $75-$80 per 7000 gallons in five years.

      Now, this also affects business. So make sure that you understand that the Walmart rates will go up. The Black Bear Diner’s rates will go up. The Electric Company’s water rates will go up. All those businesses aren’t going to eat these costs. They will be transferred to you. Mr. Fixed Income.

      So finally, does it make more sense to pay a Canadian for profit company their high rates (which includes 12 percent interest on a loan they made to themselves), or to have a local non-profit charge us what it REALLY costs to manage our water?

  2. Government does not belong in the utility services business. NO bonds, no new taxes.

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