Bullhead officials descending on Laughlin April 12th

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April 11, 2022

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Bullhead City officials and election heavyweights will be joining the fight on river safety, Tuesday April 12th at 1:30pm. Laughlin Town Advisory Board will be holding discussions at a Town advisory meeting, where a management report to be produced by Nevada Wildlife is expected to highlight safety on the Colorado River. Attendance includes, Bullhead City Vice Mayor Steve D’Amico, Council members Annette Wegmann, Grace Hecht and city manager Toby Cotter. Mayoral candidates Waheed Zehri and Ashley Gerich have also pledge to go.

As a new law is expected to pass in Bullhead City on April 19th, requiring anyone who rents a watercraft to watch a 9-minute safety video. Followed by signing a Consumer protection form attesting they have watched the video. A wristband is then placed on authorized operators for the purpose of easy spotting by river patrols. Officials plan to address the laws largest hurdle, getting Laughlin to participate. Despite Clark County having boating regulations, Laughlin does not.

River safety hit the spotlight last year when a jet ski rented in Laughlin ran into the Bohannon family, who were enjoying the river, on shore at Bullhead City Community Park. Their story has been followed by many as they share their recovery and healing online in their Facebook group named Izziesdream. The entire family, including Izabella, will be at the meeting.

A spark within communities on both sides of the river appears to have been lit as residents in Bullhead city and Laughlin push to get the word out about the meeting. Tri-State residents are invited to attend and show their support.

Written By Regina Jean

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