Burro Killed In Wednesday Night Crash

Published by The Bee News

December 13, 2018

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BULLHEAD CITY–A burro was killed late Wednesday night after a vehicle struck it along Highway 95 near Desert Foothills Boulevard.

Police spokeswoman Emily Fromelt said the emergency crews were dispatched around 9:30 p.m. to that area for a motor vehicle accident involving a burro. 

The driver reported no injuries, however, her passenger sustained minor injuries from windshield glass. No one was transported to the hospital from the scene. 

The burro died on scene, making it the fourth burro to be killed within a day of another crash that killed three burros late Tuesday night on the Bullhead Parkway and Hillview Drive. No injuries to the driver was reported.

Burros fall under the care of the Bureau of Land Management, who have conducted two herding seizures this year to help reduce the population in our area. 

Residents have urged BLM, and the city, to help reduce accidents involving burros by suggesting reflective tags on the burros and additional lighting along the Bullhead Parkway.

Drivers are cautioned to reduce their speed during the night along that stretch of highway and to keep a vigilant look out for the desert animal. Burros have begun to make their trek down the mountains in search of water and food as the weather gets cooler.  

Unlike coyotes, burros eyes do not reflect off headlights when they are on the roadway. 

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  1. Put up a fence! And cattle guards. How hard is this to see!!!

  2. My idea was to electronic collar them. If a burro came within a certain distance to a burro warning sign or parkway it would set off warning lights that could flash.

    • I agree it breaks my heart to see these beautiful burros get killed saw this wreck right after it happened sounds like it killed a family within 2 days. We also need to put up reminder signs for tourists. It’s common this time of year for them coming down.

  3. Well Shad do you pay taxes? Yea let’s start hearing you cry once they go up.

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