Business Burglaries $750 REWARD

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June 3, 2021

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Business Burglaries

The Bullhead City Police Department is investigating a string of commercial burglaries that have occurred at several local businesses. The burglaries are happening in the early morning hours (around 2 – 6 a.m.) and suspect/s have stolen expensive surveillance system equipment and money.

Mohave Silent Witness is offering a reward up to $750 for any information leading to an arrest of the persons responsible. If anyone has any information, please contact the Bullhead City Police Department at (928) 763-1999 or Mohave Silent Witness at 1-888-227-8780. Callers may remain anonymous.

The police department would also like businesses to be aware of these reoccurring crimes.

  1. Make safes hidden and secure.
  2. Install reliable security devices/ video surveillance equipment. Post signs that cameras & alarms are on premises as a deterrent.
  3. Keep premises clean and tidy so there are no ‘hiding’ spots.
  4. Increase visibility. Good lighting should illuminate doors and windows and places where a burglar might hide.
  5. Hire security personnel. Consider ways to split the cost with other businesses in your area.
  6. The weakest part of a door is the lock. The lock should to be a double key deadbolt, with a 1 inch (or more) throw bolt. Look for a lock with a hardened steel insert that will resist sawing.
  7. Make sure your cash register is emptied at night. Open the drawer and leave it open so that anyone looking in can see that there is nothing in it

This can help prevent criminal damage, because an opportunistic thief might see that there is no cash inside to steal. If anyone sees anything suspicious happening after hours around businesses, please call our dispatch center at (928) 763-1999

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