California Couple Killed In I-40 Crash

Published by The Bee News

June 19, 2018

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NEEDLES—A couple from California were killed over the weekend after the vehicle they were driving in rear ended a semi tractor trailer on Interstate 40.

The victims have been identified as Robert Urias, 30, of Beaumont, California and Adrianne Yniguez, 22, of Yucaipa, California.

California Highway Patrol Needles Area spokeswoman Katherine Lane said that Urias was driving a Nissan Altima westbound Interstate 40 around 5 a.m. at an unknown speed. A 2019 Kenworth tractor trailer was traveling in front of the Urias’ vehicle when it reportedly stopped for heavy traffic. For unknown reasons, Urias’s vehicle drove directly into the rear of the trailer of the semi.

Urias and Yniguez died on impact, said Lane. The driver of the semi trailer, a 38-year-old man from New York, was uninjured.

No citations were issued in this accident and the report did not indicate any other impairment.

A GoFundMe account has been established to help offset funeral expenses.




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  1. I drove past this accident early sunday while returning to california.even though CHP hasn’t commented on vehicle speed it’s very clear that the small car was well beyond the posted speed limit.this car was actually buried from the front all the way past the entire roof of the car,showing how the rear tires with the trunk were sticking out of the big rigs rear end.very sad and fatal ending for such a nice and young couple.i travel this road constantly and I see how common it is for drivers literary follow the big rigs up close just to entice them to move to the slower lane so,they can speed exceeding the 85mph.somehow there is an unwritten rule about this road that if drivers close in on other vehicles they’re required to move even though they’re actually complying with posted speed signs but,I seldom see CHP proactive on the hwy either.

    • My little Rosie should still be here, but she’s not & this bothers me… for the sake of her siblings they are all Distraught and very saddened by this horrific traffic accident we will miss her every day every minute every hour of our lives, rest in Paradise Sweet Beautiful Butterfly I love you Adrianne Rosie Yniguez .
      From Mommy

  2. A resulting second incident about a mile back from this involved s truck under a semi as well. Anyone have news on the young man in that vehicle. When we went by he was through the windshield. No emergency vehicles at site still.

  3. Prayers For The Family n Friends ???❤

  4. Heavy traffic on I-40 west of Needles at 5 am? I’d like to hear more about that please.

    • at 7:00am i drove by that….. it was horrible. but the Diesel that got rear ended by the car was stopped in the fast lane due to what looked like another diesel stopped in the fast lane (in a separate accident) rear ended a tour bus. The tour bus was parked on the right hand shoulder with heavy damage on the back. The diesel that hit it was badly smashed … the cab was demolished. I wonder if that guy survived???

  5. My heart goes out to this beautiful young couple… I too saw the unfortunate chain of events that morning… knowing no one could survive in the silver Nissan… as for the truck driver, he too had to be badly hurt if not killed. I believe he passed as well…. it appeared he had hit the RV and came to a stop in the fast lane… the Nissan went entirely under the semi’s trailer… as well, a short time later a 4-door late model Red Pickup slammed into another semi on the shoulder…. they appeared to have a similar fate having the pickup crushed to the rear window…. the problem is these roads , where this happened have a large uphill climb and trucks tend to pass slower trucks and sometimes distracted drivers, for just that split moment don’t anticipate the difference in speed. Trucks can only go 55 in California, autos 70….this is a recipe for disasters just like this one… although unlikely avoidable here. I think California needs a one speed limit on these rural highways…65 mph period… not a 15 mph difference….lives would be saved…trust me, I have seen my share of this. It’s truly sad….may all the victims rest in peace…I will not attach the photos of the accident…. but perhaps people need to see them. lastly, after passing through and leaving the accident, I continued westbound on that beautiful day….only to witness yet another crash, and drivers weaving in and out …speeding even after seeing such a horrific accident. Proves that in general, we have short attention spans and lack common sense! SAD!

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