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Ron Foggin weighs in on Governor Ducey’s Proposed Massive Cut to State Income Tax

Governor Ducey has proposed in his 2022 budget a massive cut to state income tax. His proposal is to move to a flat income tax rate. This tax cut will result in a $225 million reduction in state shared revenue to cities annually. The calculations show that this is a...

Groundwater is One of Mohave County’s Most Valuable Assets

Groundwater is one of Mohave County's most valuable assets- we must protect it  Arizona is one of the fastest growing states in the country, with enviable economic expansion and population growth. This growth, however, depends upon steady and reliable sources of...

The Original Kingman Farmers Market Opens July 25th with FREE Vendor Space

The Original Kingman Farmers Open opens to the public this Saturday, July 25th at the Thunder-Rode Event Center located at 102 E. Beale Street, Kingman, AZ.  The Original Kingman Farmers Market is Free to the public and Free to all vendors. Throughout past years, the...

ANTIFA STRIKES AGAIN (Letter to the editor)

Dear Kingman & Environs Residents – Thunder-Rode was viciously and brutally vandalized Thursday night June 25, by a person or hate group of AntiFa thugs when they ripped our Heritage Not Hate Confederate Battle flag sign affixed to a 4x8 sheet of plywood and...