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A Forgotten Chapter

Bill Minutaglio, the author of several books, including Dallas 1963, and Steven L. Davis whose work has been published in The New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and Esquire recently wrote an interesting story about Richard Nixon's war on drugs. This story and...

Kingman,AZ | Budget & Legislative Session with Regina Cobb, Matt Gress and David Gowan

Representative Regina Cobb, Senator David Gowan and the Governor's CFO will be in Kingman tomorrow to discuss the outcome of the Budget & Legislative Session and the impact to our community.

Delivering For Arizonans

2021 Legislative Session Recap Governor Doug Ducey and the Arizona Legislature worked together this year to enact legislation and secure a budget built for all Arizonans. As a result of the most successful legislative session in recent memory, every Arizona taxpayer...

Marijuana Dollars & Cents

As the country abandons decades of myth, propaganda and misunderstanding, Marijuana and related products have become more acceptable. A number of states now allow for the sale and possession of marijuana and some are expunging records of sentencing. And at the federal...