Celebration River Boat Retiring to Community Park after 25 years of service

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April 20, 2022

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Bullhead City, Arizona – In a message to the Bullhead City Council, Brea and Trevor Chiodini, owners of Laughlin River Tours, announced that they had purchased a new boat to replace the company’s aging flagship vessel, Celebration.  The Celebration after 25 years of cruising the Colorado River would be donated to the City of Bullhead.  The City graciously accepted the donation and have committed to having the vessel river side at Community park.  Here was the announcement transcription below.

Then I was really excited to approach Toby and even more excited that he was excited about what we were talking about. The celebration boat sailed it’s maiden voyage on May 22nd, 1997. It’s been cruising the Colorado for 25 years. It was built in a makeshift shift shipyard facility, adjacent to the Laughlin Bullhead international airport for 25 thousands of visitors and locals have made special memories. The board, the celebration from romantic dinners to proposals and weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and just fun family afternoons. It plays a special role in many people’s hearts. We’re so pleased to have the, the city support. This venture and, and its willingness to keep the celebrations memory alive.

We feel that the celebration needs to retire at home. Not only is it a very special vessel to. Thousands of visitors, but it’s, it’s very near and dear to my heart. And I’m going to try not to get emotional about this because it is just a business than just a boat, but it’s not really just a boat. It’s become a piece of our family history, Trevor and I were actually married on that boat and we have several family members and friends that were also married on that.

So it’s exciting. We’re excited to move forward. Of course, we’re very excited about the new yacht, but I think it’s going to be find a great home resting on the shores on the Bullhead city side. So we’re happy that we can, that we can do this with you guys. And I honestly think it’s going to be huge for you guys too, you know, with bringing in revenue, a staple right there, and that.

You know, seeing, being able to see it from the highway, all that good stuff. I think it’s going to be something pretty special for you guys. And we get to still see it every day. And mayor, I, I should, you know, announce and Brie and Trevor can announce it even more. But when we first met we have the discussion and we never really got into.

Okay. So what does this look like? As far as. Like, how does the transaction work? And the first time the mayor and I sat down with it, it’s free, it’s a donation and it includes all this other stuff and we’ll even help you move it. And so the donation value here is gigantic. And not once have they ever said, well, we’re going to need something now. It’s a donation to the city, which is really really great.

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