City Makes Progress on Water Infrastructure

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December 15, 2023

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BULLHEAD CITY, AZ., December 15, 2023 – Bullhead City Utilities is pleased to announce significant progress on a project to install two new wells to the Bullhead City Water system. The two wells include the 24-2 well located near Black Mountain Rd, and 20-1 well located just north of Riverview Dr near the intersection of San Carlos Dr.

“We’re getting a lot of questions about the heavy water runoff recently at the intersection of Riverview Dr and Lakeside Dr.” said Bullhead City Utilities Director Mark Clark. “The runoff is actually a good sign for the Water system and its customers, because it means we’re finished drilling well 20-1, and are now wrapping up the development phase.”

 Development is the process of cleaning clay and silt from the inside of the pipes before a well is put into service.

“Development caused some of the runoff,” said Clark. “We were pushing water through the well to get dirt out and we let the water flow through the City rights of way and back into the river.”

Clark continued, “After that we completed a 72-hour pump test, which is what caused most of the runoff people saw.”

The test, designed to discover the total volume of water the well can produce, involved pumping water from the well for a period of 72 hours without stopping. City staff will use the results of the test to make design decisions for the well, including what type of pump will be used to replace the current temporary pump.

“Well 24-2 wrapped up development a week a

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