City Partnership Brings Life Jacket Loaner Program to Community Park

Published by The Bee News

May 24, 2023

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BULLHEAD CITY, AZ., May 23, 2023 – Beginning this Friday at 9 a.m. in Bullhead City Community Park, park goers may notice a new, convenient, life-saving amenity. Twenty-four life jackets will be placed on a standing portable rack right next to the public boat launch for anyone to borrow. The life jackets, including six infant, six child, six youth, and six adult life jackets are being made available thanks to a new partnership between the City and the Arizona Game and Fish department.

“We’re excited to be partnering with the Arizona Game and Fish Department to bring their life jacket loaner program to our park,” said Bullhead City Parks & Recreation Superintendent David Heath. “This is just one more thing we’re doing to enhance safety on the Colorado River.”

The Personal Floatation Device (PFD) Loaner Program provides an opportunity to borrow a life jacket to anyone who has forgotten to bring one with them. The program aims to prevent individuals from making the potentially life-threating decision to go on the water without a life vest.

“If you’ve already made it to the park, and you’re in the process of launching your boat when you realize that you have left your life vest at home, you might decide to just go without,” said Heath. “Now we’re giving people a better option.”

The Arizona Game and Fish Department’s PFD Loaner Program installs PFD loaner stations near qualified boat launch locations around the state. The program, including the life vests themselves, and the installation of permanent PFD loaner stations, is funded through United States Coast Guard grant funding.

The City’s new participation in the program, is also a pilot test for a new portable loaner station concept. The Arizona Department of Game and Fish required a commitment from the City to monitor and restock the station to start the pilot program in Bullhead City.

The PFD Loaner program also doubles as an exchange program. Anyone can exchange their current life vest with one of the life vests available through the program. Orange Type II life jackets are not accepted.

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