City-Wide Paving Project Concludes

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July 7, 2022

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BULLHEAD CITY, AZ – July 7, 2022 – McCormick Construction, under contract with the City of Bullhead City, is finalizing work on the City-Wide Paving project, which began May 2, 2022, to mill, grade, repave, and fog seal the following streets in Bullhead City: 

  • Trane Rd from Marina Blvd to Hancock Rd 
  • Rio Grande Rd from Hancock Rd to Marina Blvd 
  • Coral Reef Dr from Hancock Rd to El Monte Dr 
  • Coronado Cove from Coronado Dr to the end of pavement 
  • Coronado Dr From Marina Blvd to Sea Spray Dr 
  • Riverfront Dr from Clubhouse Dr to Colorado Rio Vista 
  • Riverfront Dr from Colorado Rio Vista to Trane Rd 
  • Riverfront Dr from Trane Rd to Church Dr 
  • Riverfront Dr from Church Dr to park lane 
  • Church Dr from Riverfront Dr to Riverfront Dr 
  • Moser Ave from 6th St to 1st St 
  • Riviera Blvd from Clearwater Dr to Marina Blvd 

The project also includes the installation of new curbing, gutters, and decorative rock to the median of Riviera Blvd.  

“The project is substantially completed.” Stated Bullhead City Public Works Director Angie Johnson. “McCormick is fixing shoulders along Riverfront Drive this week and finishing up landscaping on Rivera Blvd next week. Other than that, we’re done with the project.”  

McCormick Construction, Inc. of Bullhead City, Arizona was paid $2,422,916.00 for the project, which was approved by the City Council during the April 5, 2022, City Council Meeting.  

“The paving of important arterial streets in the Riveria neighborhood was so important to the Mayor and City Council as they wanted any surplus funds to go into streets and invest in Riviera,” City Manager Toby Cotter said, referring to Riviera Blvd, Rio Grande Rd, Coral Reef Dr, and Coronado Dr. “The City has also invested more than $100,000 in landscaping, decorative rock in existing medians and art work throughout this neighborhood.”

Residents are already making use of newly repaved asphalt along Riverfront Dr, Thursday, July 7. Photo credit: Christian Hutcherson 


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