Community Development Department Created

Written by The Bee

December 18, 2019

-Department will Combine Planning & Zoning and Building & Life Safety-

KINGMAN, Ariz. – In an effort to streamline customer service, Building & Life Safety and Planning & Zoning will be combined into one department: Community Development. This change will take place at the beginning of the New Year. Kingman Fire Department’s Building Official, Chris Young, will manage the Community Development Department. The department will be housed in the main city complex building, located at 310 North Fourth Street, and have the operating hours of Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. This will give customers a better “one-stop-shop,” in order to serve future projects and development within the city.

“This is another step the city is taking to provide better customer service for builders, developers, and those moving to our community,” said City Manager Ron Foggin. “Streamlining this process, and making it easier for economic development to happen in our community is a ‘win,’ for everyone involved,” he said.

When a project review progresses, it follows three steps:

1. Planning and Zoning

2. Building and Life Safety

3. Engineering Services

Combining the first two steps into one department will capture both steps one and two of customer concerns, getting closer to a “one-stop-shop” concept. The move will give more room to customers, when the permitting function occurs. This also gives the city and the community a better opportunity for better alignment of the Zoning Code and the Municipal Building Code regulations related to development within city limits.

With this change, Economic Development Director Gary Kellogg will move his office out to the city offices located at the Airport Industrial Park, 7000 Flightline Drive. Gary will now be able to focus on Economic Development within the city and at the Industrial Park.

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