Community Life Saver is Arizona Sommers

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May 17, 2022

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It is our small businesses that make a huge difference for the county. The majority of businesses in Mohave County are small with less than 10 employees. Many of our small businesses were started by someone seeing a need or someone that has a solution to a challenge they see. It is our small businesses that save our community. The companies are making our county stronger. They hire employees, pay taxes and give back.  Each month at least one “Community Life Saver” will be spotlighted. When you see the company, please let them know you are grateful for all they are doing and utilize their services when you can.
In choosing the businesses, a partnership between the Mohave County Economic Development Office and the Chambers has been formed. A thank you to each of the Chambers for your support in this important process.

Community Life Saver is Arizona Sommers

Thank you Kingman Chamber for nominating Arizona Sommers for May’s Community Life Saver Award.
Don Sommer worked for a company and learned quickly about the heating and cooling business. He had ideas he wanted to implement and new ways of doing business. After six years, Don realized he wanted to take a chance and start his own company. Seven years ago, Don opened his doors of Arizona Sommers with one employee, himself. Today, Arizona Sommers has 9 employees.
The last four years, Arizona Sommers has received the “Kingman Daily Miner Readers Choice” award. Don Sommers loves living in Kingman and the county. He gives back of his time to help and is a strong member of the Kingman Chamber of Commerce.
Thank you Don and Arizona Sommers for all you do.
If you need HVAC repair, maintenance, or replacement of your heating and or cooling unit, don’t forget Arizona Sommers. They can be reached at:
Don Sommers
2275 E Butler Ave, Kingman

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