County Animal Shelter Ready for Adoption

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July 21, 2022

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MOHAVE COUNTY, AZ (July 21, 2022) – The Mohave County Animal shelter is currently filled to capacity, and beyond, with all sorts of animals, mostly dogs, doubled up in kennels.  All the dogs are spayed or neutered, updated on shots, and all already carry a microchip.  Currently, there are many multiple mixed breeds of various sizes (including, a large super sweet and smart female Pyrenees named Sesa.)  Those looking for a new pet, there cannot be a more opportune time, for the animals or new owners.

It’s important to note that the county shelter is not a “no kill” facility.  The “E” word come up as infrequently as possible, but, often lack of space is the villain here. These animals deserve a good “furever” home.  However, some may well meet their fate via euthanasia, unfortunately. Adoptions are key. A visit to the shelter reveals many wonderful, adoptable animals currently available. Those interested should visit Monday through Saturday, 10am-4pm at 950 Buchanan St in Kingman, 928-753-2727.

Those who already have one pet in the household should seriously consider adopting an additional one.  That act also brings special companionship to the dog currently residing in the home of a dog lover. Keep in mind, if an additional dog is brought into the home, it takes a while for the two to get to know each other. Invariably, the two animals become inseparable.

Pictured in this post, smiling directly at the camera, is two-year old female Simba, a fun-loving Husky/Shepherd mix.  Highly adoptable, she is currently at the shelter along with so many others, waiting anxiously.

Also, some will remember Gus from last week.  The young shepherd mix was super happy to get out of his kennel and into a larger nearby area, closing his eyes and beaming into the sunshine. There’s great news. Gus has been adopted by a wonderful lady on farm-like property with chickens and a fish pond where she says Gus will be “totally spoiled” every day. Well deserved for both. Meanwhile, so many others await a similar outcome.


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