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January 11, 2019

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First, I want to start with the reminders about our Senior Value Protection program (Senior Freeze) and Widow/Widowers/100% Disabled exemption program. Both programs will open for application submittal after January 2, 2019. Each program has income limitations to qualify. The new Senior Freeze income limit is $37,008 (individual property owner) and $46,260 (two or more property owners). The Widow/Widower/100% Disabled exemption program has a new income limit of $33,037 (no children) and $39,634 (with children). This exemption program requires all property owned in Arizona to not exceed $269,690 Limited Property Value on residential property.  If you feel you could qualify for either or both of these fantastic programs please contact our customer service personnel at either of our three offices.

This year we are up and running completely with our customer service in both the Lake Havasu and Bullhead City offices. Kristi Blair, County Recorder and I worked hard last year to hire and train two fantastic ladies that offer both the Assessor services and Recording services at both offices. This was a new venture for both of us as well as for the County.  We are extremely excited to have seen success in our venture. The hours of service for both offices are 8am to 5pm. Bullhead City lunch closed at noon-1pm, and Lake Havasu City lunch closed 1pm-2pm.

Our office has been extremely busy utilizing our Pictometry software for in-office visual assessments. This software has fantastic imagery that allows us to not only capture escaped property but will measure and assess many structures without even leaving the office. Although on-site assessments will always be necessary this budget friendly approach will allow us to value property much faster while using less resources.  Our goal is to have as much of Mohave County imagery captured as possible within the next 6 years.  Our next fly-over will take place in early 2020, our goal is to capture as much square miles as our budget can afford.

I am anxious to finally get a Property Exemption bill moving forward this year in the legislature. Thanks to Leo Biasiucci, our newly elected Representative, for helping me get this bill off the ground and in the running.  If all goes well next month in the legislature this might actually get traction. This bill will allow a Disabled Veteran a property exemption.  Since this bill is a constitutional amendment it will need to go to a vote by you in 2020.   Currently there are no Veteran’s exemptions in Arizona. Both Assessor Wehrle from Yuma County and I have worked years to get this through the legislature. Let us hope this time it’s a home run.  I will keep you all posted if we manage to get the bill dropped and moving forward.

Finally, I wanted to share the excitement in Colorado City. In 2018, for the first time EVER, a property owner in Colorado City recorded their individual deed for their home and property. In fact the first property owner to record was a woman who now owns her home and the property it sits on for the very first time in Colorado City history.  Prior to now, all property in Colorado City was owned by the FDLS church. The long story, in a short version, is that the courts stepped in for multiple reasons and mandated the UEP (United Efforts Plan Trust) to distribute the properties previously owned by the church to the citizens of the Colorado City. This process took working together with multiple organizations and persons; some include Jeff Barlow from the UEP, County Treasurer Cindy Landa Cox and her office personnel as well as my Cartography Department and System support department. I am very honored to have witnessed the success of this monumental endeavor. Congratulations goes out to the fine folks of Colorado City, the UEP, Mohave County and the citizens that have awoken. They will finally, for the first time in history own their own homes and the dirt below them. Fantastic.

I want to send a shout out to our County Recorder Kristi Blair and County Treasurer; Cindy Landa Cox for working well together, getting project after project accomplished and making Mohave County a better place.

 Jeanne Kentch, Mohave County Assessor

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