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County Courthouse Trees Experience Loss, but Remain standing Tall

Written by The Bee News

December 16, 2020

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County Courthouse Trees

Experience Loss, but Remain standing Tall

MOHAVE COUNTY, AZ (December 15, 2020) – For 70 years, the Cypress trees at the Mohave County Courthouse have been admired by all. There have been 13 of these majestic living Italian

Trees in front and to the side of the courthouse. Arborist David Stehly has been caring for them and points out that the Italian Cypress (Cupress sempervirens) group is a coniferous evergreen type that grows to 115 ft. tall. It comes from southern Europe, including the Mediterranean region, as well as western Asia. The approximate height for the courthouse Cypress trees is 85 feet tall with diameter at breast height (DBH) varying between 24” to 28”.

In western gardens, these magnificent trees grow well in many types of soil, including clayey and calcareous, and tolerates ample or little amounts of supplemental water. Mature Italian Cypress can be seen around the Kingman area in various locations, such as Palo Christi Elementary School, Kingman Fire Department Station 1, and Manzanita Elementary School.

Sadly, three of these trees had to be disposed of due to disease, as well as safety concerns. One of them, located in the southeastern corner of the courthouse complex was especially diseased and in near fatal decline. The other two were also not doing particularly well.  They simply had to be removed. Stehly says “with the construction of the new courthouse, wind passing between the two buildings is more intense, creating an added challenge to the trees in the vicinity. It should be noted, the three trees in decline were in a weakened state and posed an extreme safety hazard to nearby structures and people.”

Mohave County Superior Courts Administrator Kip Anderson says “as construction of the new Mohave County Superior Courthouse nears completion, it became apparent that three of the cypress trees closest to the building needed to be removed.  One of them had already begun to die and needed to be removed for that reason alone and all three of them presented security concerns as they blocked the line of sight for staff and presented access issues around the building.”

Accordingly, the three trees were removed on the weekend of December 4.  Anderson adds, “we were disappointed they had to be removed, but on a positive note it does open up the campus area and provides for better access for the public and staff.   With final completion of the new courthouse only a couple of months away, we are very excited to be moving into this new building allowing us to provide improved services for the residents of Mohave County.    I would note that soon after we move into the new building, work to remodel the historic courthouse will begin, so we can continue to use it as well for many more years to come.”


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