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County Expands Vaccinations for 65 & Older & Educators/Child Care Workers

Written by The Bee News

February 14, 2021

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County Expands Vaccinations for 65 & Older

& Educators/Child Care Workers

Providers to Accept Appointments

STARTING Next Wednesday

Vaccines Allocations Are Scarce

Please Be Patient on Making Appointment

Do Not Attempt Before Wednesday

MOHAVE COUNTY, AZ (February 14, 2021) – Mohave County will expand vaccination eligibility to adults 65 and older and Educators/Child Care workers beginning Wednesday, February 17. If you are eligible as a result of this change, please do not attempt to make an appointment until next Wednesday.

Mohave County Department of Public Health estimates there are more than 37,000 residents in the 65-74 Years and Older group. (75 Years and Older in Mohave County –is greater than 28,000.)

 There will also be a continuation of vaccinations for those in the 1A group and “Protective Services Occupations” and “75 Years and Older” that have already been prioritized in the 1B group.

It’s vital that those seeking a vaccination appointment realize that doses in the County are scarce, like it is across the nation, and patience is certainly required in obtaining that needed vaccine.  Providers are gearing up for the planned expansion and are currently preparing for the large new 1B sub categories.

The county receives a weekly allocation of vaccine, which to date, has not been sufficient to meet demand. Providers set up appointments based on the anticipated weekly number of doses they expect to receive. The situation will improve significantly when the county receives additional vaccine.  Until that time, we ask for your patience.

A list of current Mohave County vaccine providers with their websites and phone numbers can be accessed at the following link: :

All locations require appointments to be set up via their websites or by phone. Please contact our Call Center at 928-753-8665 if you are experiencing problems accessing information or need assistance with making an appointment. Additional information will be provided Tuesday afternoon at

Also, those who are having continuing problems accessing information or/and futile attempts in getting an appointment, please phone our Call Center at 928-753-8665. Those who answer are trained to be helpful in navigating all elements dealing with COVID-19.

In the interests of all concerned, those in the 1B sub categories “65 Years and Older” and “Educators/Child Care Workers,” must not attempt to make an appointment prior to next Wednesday.  Nobody will be successful. Persons not within the current active categories should refrain from contacting providers at this time.

Watch for another press release on Tuesday afternoon at as a reminder.  There are no restrictions for winter visitors getting vaccine within Mohave County. Some vaccination locations may require additional documentation. Persons are encouraged to continue to monitor the Public Health website at  to obtain the most current information.


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