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County Extends Vaccines for 75 Years and Older

Written by The Bee News

February 7, 2021

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County Extends Vaccines for 75 Years and Older

Prioritization for Another Week

Scarcity of Vaccine & Vulnerabilty Cited

MOHAVE COUNTY, AZ (February 7, 2021) – Due to demand and limited availability of vaccine doses, Mohave County will extend the 1B phase sub category 75 Years and Older prioritization for at least one more week before moving to the next 1B sub-categories.

Those who are the most vulnerable and suffer the most if they contract COVID-19 are those who are 75 Years and Older.  The County has a significant population in that age range and the decision was made to continue vaccinating in the 1A category and in the 1B sub categories of both Protective Services Occupations and 75 Years and Older before moving to other 1B sub categories.

The County will evaluate the progress on a week to week basis. The current main goal is to vaccinate as many in the 75 Years and Older age group as possible.  Mohave County is closely monitoring the availability and the delivery of vaccine to this at-risk age group.  Due to limited doses, it was determined to be in the best interest of this elderly population to prioritize them further.

Following the prioritization of the 75 Years and Older group, the County will next move to both Education/Child Care Workers and the 65 Years and Older 1B sub categories.

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