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COVID-19 Vaccine Availability in Mohave County  

Written by The Bee News

December 27, 2020

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COVID-19 Vaccine

 Availability in Mohave County

MOHAVE COUNTY, AZ (December 27, 2020) – The status regarding vaccinations for COVID-19 is evolving and remains fluid in Mohave County. However, more specific and helpful information is forthcoming.  The County has received a very limited first run supply of COVID-19 vaccine to administer to health care workers and emergency medical service workers in accordance with CDC guidelines for protecting frontline personnel.

The general population is anxious to know when the vaccine becomes available to them.  CDC has determined that vaccinations will occur in “phases.” The CDC has developed special guidelines for prioritizing the initial administration of vaccines by designating eligible persons within Phase 1a, 1b, and 1c categories.

Although the specificity of these phases is still going through some changes, the most recent recommendations on those persons eligible in Phases 1a, 1b, and 1c can be found on the Mohave County Coronavirus Response Hub– , the County Health Department’s Facebook page, and will also be included in the County’s daily updated COVID-19 case count press releases. These CDC recommendations change frequently, and a new update is expected during the coming week (starting December 28.) Updated information will be posted as soon as it is received by the County Public Health Department.

This is how it will work — Persons within the 1a category will be vaccinated first, followed by those in 1b and then those in 1c, as sufficient vaccine supplies become available. Persons not designated in any of these categories will then be eligible for vaccination. The 1a vaccinations have already begun.  However, due to the limited vaccine supply and deliveries to the County, it cannot be predicted when Phases 1b and 1c will start or how long it will take to complete those phases since it depends on vaccination supply and the number of eligible persons electing to receive the vaccine.”

It is important that everyone keep in mind that it is an individual’s choice on whether to get a vaccination or not.  It is not mandatory. Vaccines are being distributed to Arizona Counties from the vaccine supply provided to the State. The vaccine supply is currently limited as the manufacturers ramp up production. The current limited Arizona supply is being proportionally distributed to counties based on comparative population numbers. So far, Mohave County has received 5,700 doses of the Moderna vaccine and is expected to receive another 2,000 doses sometime next week. These 7,700 doses are earmarked for persons in the 1a category, which are primarily frontline health care workers (including EMS personnel) and persons working or living in long term care facilities.  These vaccinations started during the week of December 21 and are being done by hospitals, pharmacies, and other healthcare providers.

Phase 1A will continue through December and into January. Since vaccine manufacturers and the State are unable to provide any firm delivery dates at this time, County Public Health may not receive notice until 72 hours prior to a delivery being received in the County. Therefore, vaccination site locations and dates can only be provided to the public within that 3 day timeframe and will be posted as soon as possible on the  Mohave County Coronavirus Response Hub located on the county webpage mentioned above and Mohave County Department of Public Health Facebook page.

It is anticipated that, when the supply of vaccines is increased, a significant number of healthcare providers and pharmacies in the County will be able to provide vaccinations at their facilities, as well as vaccinations being provided at special events managed by the Public Health Department. When this occurs, information on these locations will be posted on the Public Health sites, and individual providers will also likely provide their individual information on their websites. Everyone should continue to go to the County website for the latest information on the vaccination program and its progress.

Meanwhile, here’s the link to the County’s Tuesday press conference with the four local area hospital CEOs. A great deal of specific information on COVID-19, what’s going on at the hospitals, and the vaccine. It’s well worth watching.

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