Daily Searches Continue For Missing Boater

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November 15, 2018

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TOPOCK–Its been over two months since Raegan Heitzig, 26, went missing in the Colorado River following a tragic boating crash near Topock on Sept. 1, and as the holiday’s approach her family is holding out hope she will be found.

“We just want to bring her home,” said Heitzig’s aunt on Instagram. “We pray every day for news that she has been found.”

“Our daily searches continue,” said Mohave County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Anita Mortensen. “Our Boating Safety Officers still conduct daily top water and shore line searches. If something is located in the water our dive team is ready. Sheriff Schuster made it very clear that this search will continue until she is located and our entire Division of Boating safety agrees with that decision. Our ultimate goal is to continue searching until a resolution is brought forward for the family and the community.”

Authorities say a boat carrying 10 people and another vessel carrying six people collided just after sunset around 8 p.m., ejecting all occupants in to the river. Nearby boaters in the area rushed to help pull the victims out of the water. Two victims were injured and required immediate transport to a Las Vegas hospital.

The crash left 12 injured and three victim’s dead. The three victims, Christine Lewis, 51, of Visalia, Calif.; Brian Grabowski, 50, of Tulare, Calif.; and Kirra Drury, 24, of Ventura, Calif., were found within the first week following the crash.

Neither of the 16 boat occupants were wearing a life vest.

Little details surrounding the crash have been released as authorities continue with their investigation. Witnesses have reported that one or both boats were traveling at a high rate of speed and without lights on before they collided with each other. Those statements have not been confirmed by authorities.

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  1. If Ms. Heitzig hasn’t floated to the surface yet, she never will. Whatever is left of her is probably at the bottom of the lake close to, if not up against the base of Parker Dam.

    • Agree with you. She may never be found but I pray to God she will so the family can put this to a end. Praying for the family and the searchers.

    • Do you realize that a family member might just read this. My mother’s heart hurt reading your words. While your intent was probably not to hurt you might be more sensitive to how your choice of words might affect loved ones grieving and searching for this beautiful girl.

    • You really posted. Think of the family. Your comment is so heartless. How would you feel if it was your child or family member

    • Yeah – thanks for that. Her mother read it. Very nice.

    • To the family of your missing child – The majority of us along the river sympathize and understand your heartache. I’ve lived in Havasu for twenty years and truly apologize for this dimwit of a human being – he does not reflect the caring character of the majority of folks that live in the Colorado River Communities. People like John have no family or friends in their life, and the closer we get to the holidays – he just can’t help the retard in him from spilling out of his sewer. Please except my condolences and apologies for this obvious drug user. He must’ve been strung out while commenting. Try and enjoy Thanksgiving, your precious child will be there with you in spirit.

  2. John Harvey. Thank you for that very sensitive comment

  3. I can’t imagine where she is. I don’t think at this point they will ever find her. She must be caught or lodged against something. So absolutely tragic.?

  4. I check daily for news that Reagan has been found. As a fellow Ventura native I am heartbroken for her friends and family. God, please bring Reagan home

  5. I pray for this family’s sake her body is found. It must be horrible for them to be living this tragedy. …May God comfort them.

  6. Facts are facts, Janice. After two months of searching and hoping against hope that their girl would be found, the family has likely resigned themselves to the fact that she has departed this planet and is enroute or has already arrived at whatever it is that awaits us all when our numbers come up on that big roulette wheel in the sky.

    • We know about facts idiot have a heart which we can tell you don’t have.

    • We have all accepted that Reagan has gone on, but the family still deserves closure. All of Ventura is praying that they are able to get that. We are all feeling their loss and wish them peace not insensitive negativity

  7. I am not going to take advantage of this opportunity to engage in a micturating competition with you, Brenda, because chivalry, if nothing else, requires that I advise you that due to my somatological characteristics and chirographic abilities, I am able to perform precision authography while in a wintry environment, a fact that I most sincerely hope can not be said of you.

    • What the * are you trying to say you have gloves for texting in the snow? Several people on Facebook would love to argue with you on any subject you choose, why bring your negative comments here?

  8. My heart goes out to the family of this beautiful young woman. The thought just occurred to me, what if she is still alive? Possibly suffered a head injury causing amnesia/disorientation. Could have wandered off away from the river. I would broaden the search area to include surrounding brush and nearby residences.

  9. so sad for this young ladys family praying them such a trying time and full of pain n sorrow over this loved one please dear jesus let them find her soon for closure for her family god bless your hearts

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