Deann Macleod of Kingman 911 Communications Center Becomes a Certified Public-Safety Executive

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July 14, 2021

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Deann Macleod of Kingman 911 Communications Center Becomes a Certified Public-Safety Executive

Alexandria, VA – The Association of Public-Safety Communications Professionals (APCO) International has announced Deann MacLeod of Kingman, Arizona has graduated from the prestigious Certified Public-Safety Executive (CPE) Program. Deann MacLeod serves as Communications Center Manager for Kingman 911 Communications Center.

The CPE Program was established in 2016 and was designed to elevate professionalism, enhance individual performance and recognize excellence in the public safety communications industry. Participants may be managers, supervisors, agency executives or others whose work and life experiences have motivated them to learn the necessary skills to successfully lead organizations within the complex and ever-changing environment in which public safety agencies operate.

“The CPE Program is designed to equip public safety communications professionals with the tools they need to face challenges and move our industry forward,” said APCO Executive Director and CEO Derek K. Poarch. “By completing this rigorous and demanding program, graduates are better prepared to meet whatever the future brings, whether it is a planned transition to Next Generation 9-1-1, a natural disaster or something as unforeseen as the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Drawing on resources from renowned leadership professionals and distinguished academic sources, the program allows participants to explore topics that include management versus leadership, models/theories of leadership, leadership styles, public safety leadership issues, and executing and managing change. The curriculum combines academic rigor with deep personal self-reflection and insight to enable participants to identify their own unique, authentic leadership style.

The program consists of two, 12-week online courses and a ten-day capstone seminar at APCO headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida. Program instructors include master’s and doctoral level professionals in the field of organizational development and leadership who bring a wealth of academic and practical experience to the program.

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