Delina DiSanto Announces Bid to Attempt to Unseat Paul Gosar

Published by The Bee News

May 10, 2021

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“Those who betray our country, promote white supremacy, and endorse the big lie don’t belong in Congress…..”

ARIZONA—Today, Registered Nurse and small business owner Delina DiSanto (D) announced her candidacy in Arizona’s 4th Congressional District. DiSanto will be challenging incumbent Congressman Paul Gosar who was a key conspirator in the January 6th attack on the nation’s Capitol.

“While the pandemic was being mismanaged, businesses were closing, and millions of jobs were lost, Congressman Gosar was promoting conspiracy theories and staging a coup. Proud boy Paul Gosar is a national embarrassment. I am in this race because those who betray our country, promote white supremacy, and support the big lie, don’t belong in Congress.”

Paul Gosar was named by Ali Alexander—a key organizer of the insurrectionist rioting—as one of three members of Congress who helped plan the attack. Gosar also defended white supremacy groups, tried to form a caucus in the U.S. House to focus on “uniquely Anglo-Saxon political traditions,” and was recently given an “F” rating by the GOP-led Republican Accountability Project.

Delina DiSanto has worked constructively across the political aisle as a Senate Aide before moving to Arizona in 2004. In 2020, she was the Democratic nominee against Congressman Gosar. She and her husband Dave own a construction company, DiSanto Builders. They are “empty nesters” with two children, David and Dakota, who also reside in Arizona.

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