Desert Diamond Distillery still on the rails

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April 9, 2020

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Besides being quarantined with everyone else, D3 is going through many changes this year.  This year, we are hoping to bring out Arizona’s oldest Brandy.  This month we received more extra virgin olive oils and vinegar to bottle, and we have Agave Rum being bottled as I write this.  So we are staying very busy, getting ready for the World to return to normalcy.


The Train Car just passed the final inspection.  After over two years of rum, sweat & tears, we are official!!  We should be open by the end of April or May.  Check our website to see when lunches will be available.
Update on 1918 Heavyweight Pullman Train Car #30; On April 9th, we had our final inspection!  Whew!  It’s been a long haul.  This historic train car from 1918 will be where patrons can sit and have a 7 or 8-course meal about twice per month (dates will be on our website – seats 20).  Our Chef Drew is going to be putting out some fabulous locally sourced food, so don’t miss it!  The train car will be available for tiny weddings, renewals of vows for anniversary celebrations, birthdays, graduations, business meetings and much more.  Contact me with a date and time and I will send a quote your way.
The train car will also have TOURS available.  The history of this historic train car is amazingly educational and needs to be shared for those who love Trains.  We are looking for tour conductors!

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