Did You Know? Bill at Baron Security Solutions

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January 21, 2019

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Meet, William Bruton, AKA Bill Bruton at Baron Security Solutions. Bill was born in Torrance, CA and grew up in Garden Grove, CA. In 1979 he joined the Navy, married his wife in 1981, and served his country until 1987. Shortly after leaving the service he, his wife, and child(ren) moved to the Tri-State Area. Bill has worked, like most people in this

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area, at the casinos; for Claypools, and Started his Security Career at Desert Alarms in 2004. Bill continued in Security when Desert Alarms was purchased by Double Tree Security, and again now with Baron Security Solutions. In his spare time, Bill, enjoys
barbequing with his friends and family, spending time with his son’s family attending the oldest grandson’s baseball games, and traveling to visit his daughter’s family and his granddaughter. Bill also enjoys attending music concerts with his family.


Check out more about Baron Services at www.BaronServices.us

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