Diet Center’s Weight Loss Tip of the Week – Three areas to help with weight

Written by The Bee

September 18, 2019

Diet Center’s Weight Loss Tip of the Week – Three areas to help with weight
loss success!
Losing weight may feel daunting!
Hi this is Eunice from Diet Center.
Here are 3 things that may help on your weight loss journey.

1. Pictures
Just as visualizing yourself at your goal weight can help motivate you, so can looking at a picture
of reality.  Take a picture of yourself.  Place it where you will view it daily.  Maybe on the
refrigerator.  This way when you go to get something to eat, it can help to remind you to choose
wisely.   As you lose weight, you can look at the picture and remember where you “used to be.”
Then you can look in a mirror and see where you are now!  Take note of your accomplishments
and let them motivate you to stay on track.
You can take pictures of yourself as you lose weight and put those up.  Viewing the reality of the
progress you are making can prove to be very inspiring. Let that picture speak 1000 motivating
words to you!

2. Step on the scale
Weighing in routinely and recording your weight is a good way to track your progress.  You may
not see your weight go down every day.  However, you should be able to see an overall trend.  If
you’re following a Diet Center program that trend should be an overall decrease in weight.
With each pound lost; you are heading towards your goal. Focus on the progress you have made
so far. This can help you stay committed to what you are trying to accomplish. It will keep you
aware of the results of your actions.
If you’re moving towards your goal, it can motivate you to keep up the effort.  If you find
yourself getting off track or no longer progressing, then look at your food dairy (or start keeping
one) to determine what the problem may be.  Knowing where you are will help keep you aware
of what you should and shouldn’t do to reach your weight loss goals!

3. Increase activity levels
If you’re constantly busy and can’t quite fit in a workout, try to squeeze in some quick activities
that will help keep your metabolism up and burning calories.  Walk with your children, a friend,
or walk the dog.  If you must drive and run errands, park far from the building/s you’re going to.
If you’re in a building with multiple floors, take the stairs whenever possible.  If you need the
house cleaned and have other household members helping you let them take care of the lighter
chores.  Take care of the chores that take more energy such as vacuuming, sweeping, or mowing
the lawn. If you can’t workout, find ways to keep your body moving and burning calories.
Thank you for reading Diet Center’s tip of the week. If you are struggling to reach your weight
loss goals, please call me today at 928-753-5066 or stop by 1848 Hope Ave in Kingman.

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