Don Hendren and John McCormick Recognized for Years of Service on the Bullhead City Pest Abatement District

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April 6, 2023

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BULLHEAD CITY, AZ., April 6, 2023 – Bullhead City’s Pest Abatement Manager, Dr. Michael Cavallaro, recognized former Bullhead City Pest Abatement District Board Member and founding member, John McCormick, as well as retiring Bullhead City Pest Abatement District Chairman, Don Hendren, during the Tuesday, April 4, Bullhead City Council Meeting.

“I want to bring up John McCormick and Don Hendren right now to acknowledge all their years of service,” said Cavallaro during his designated portion of the City Manager’s Report. “John was a founding member of the Bullhead City Pest Abatement District, which was founded in 1983. Unfortunately, with COVID, we couldn’t acknowledge John when he stepped down from the board in 2019, so we’re taking that opportunity now.”

Cavallaro continued, “Don was on the board in the late 90’s, was elected chairman of the board in 2004, and just stepped down this year. Unfortunately moving out of the district.”

McCormick and Hendren were each presented with a plaque honoring them for their years of service to the district.

“Don’t run away just yet,” said Cavallaro after posing for a picture with Hendren and McCormick holding their new plaques. “With those decades of going after the gnat, we thought they might want revenge, so we want to make sure you’re well equipped after stepping away from the board.”

As Cavallaro finished his sentence, Bullhead City Human Services Director Jeff Tipton stepped down from the dais holding two platter-sized fly swatters and handed one to both Hendren and McCormick.

“No black fly is going to come anywhere close to you guys now,” Cavallaro joked during the handoff.

McCormick and Hendren have contributed decades of service to the Bullhead City Pest Abatement District, promoting the overall well-being and quality of life in Bullhead City. Their years of service and effectiveness in leading the district have made an immeasurable impact on the city and the economy.


Pictured: Bullhead City Human Services Director Jeff Tipton gifts Don Hendren and John McCormick oversized fly swatters as parting gifts from the City of Bullhead City for their service on the Bullhead Pest Abatement District.

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