Drowning in Bullhead City

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June 11, 2020

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Police are on scene of a drowning incident. A 23 year-old male, who reportedly could not swim, was in the Colorado River with a friend by the Riverside Dock. He reportedly stepped into an unexpected deep area in the river and went under the water. Bullhead City Fire Department divers recovered his body and he was pronounced deceased on scene. The man was a Las Vegas, NV resident.

At 3:50 pm this afternoon (June,11) BCFD Fire Boat 729, Bat 7, and M731 were dispatched for a possible drowning near the Riverside boat docks. The BHCPD boat arrived and confirmed that there was a male subject face down in about 12 feet of water just off the main river near the Riverside taxi boat dock. FB 729 arrived with four personnel, including two divers. The divers used rapid response gear to retrieve the man from the water. The male was brought onto the fireboat but was unresponsive and appeared to have been underwater for an extended amount of time. The victim is a 23-year-old male from the Las Vegas area.

BCFD urges all Swimmers, Boaters and PWC riders to wear a Coast Guard-approved life-jacket when on the water. Things to Know:

Life Jackets – Personal Flotation Devices

All vessels except sailboards and certain racing shells or rowing sculls must have at least one wearable Type I, II, III, or V life jacket (PFD) that is U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) approved and of the proper size for each person on board.

Life jackets must be readily accessible, in good and serviceable condition, and sized for the intended wearer. In addition to the above requirements, vessels 16 feet in length or longer, except a canoe or kayak, must have one Type IV USCG approved throwable flotation device on board and readily accessible.

All children 12 years of age and younger must wear a USCG approved Type I, II, III life jacket (PFD) anytime while underway on any vessel. The life jacket must be worn according to the design of the manufacturer’s recommended use and must fit the child properly. All snaps must be snapped, and zippers and fasteners closed.

Each person on a personal watercraft such as a Jet Ski or Wave Runner must wear a USCG approved Type I, II, III PFD (life jacket) with all fasteners and closures secured according to the manufacturer’s design and recommended use. Further, the life jacket must be adjusted for a snug fit.

Each person being towed behind a vessel on water skis or a similar device must wear a life jacket or buoyant belt. Note, however, that buoyant belts are not approved by the USCG.

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