Ducey Signs Legislation To Strengthen Background Checks For Nursing Care Facilities Workers

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March 19, 2022

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Governor Doug Ducey signed legislation that strengthens background checks for the individuals who want to work at Arizona’s nursing care facilities. The bill was among 19 bills signed into law by the Governor. “Our nursing homes and assisted living facilities deserve accountability and leadership from their supervisors,” said Governor Ducey. “SB 1242 accomplishes this. Our seniors – grandmothers, grandfathers and family members – deserve nothing less to ensure their safety, happiness and health.”

Senate Bill (SB) 1242, sponsored by Sen. Tyler Pace of Mesa, enhances background checks for licensure through the Nursing Care Institutions and Assisted Living Facilities (NCIA). Proper vetting of the managers and staff of these facilities is critical for the safety of the vulnerable, elderly individuals that NCIA facilities house. In addition to bolstering background checks, the bill prohibits individuals with any felony conviction involving violence or financial fraud from getting a license. The NCIA Board must work with the Arizona Department of Health Services to establish an expedited process for identifying and referring complaints between the agencies.

Bills the Governor also signed will expand services for dentists, open adoption hearings to family friends, decrease regulatory burdens on nonprofits and more.

SB 1074, sponsored by Sen. Nancy Barto, expands the scope of practice for dentists to include Botox for cosmetic purposes. Dentists in Arizona are currently permitted to use Botox for medical purposes, such as a treatment for overproduction of saliva. With this bill, dentists will have more flexibility to treat their patients for cosmetic purposes as well.

SB 1069, sponsored by Sen. Barto of Phoenix, allows adoptive families to invite guests to accompany them at adoption hearings and share in the joy of adopting a child. Previously, only those with direct interest in the case could attend hearings.

SB 1066, sponsored by Sen. T.J. Shope of Coolidge, decreases regulatory burdens on nonprofits and expands their ability to utilize raffles for fundraising efforts. The legislation reduces the time period that a nonprofit organization must be in continuous existence prior to conducting a raffle down from five years to one year. Lessening this regulatory burden will provide younger nonprofits with more opportunities to fundraise and thus serve the community.

SB 1275, sponsored by Sen. J.D. Mesnard of Chandler, gives local governments the ability to address noise disturbances caused by fireworks in their neighborhoods and communities. Localities are able to limit fireworks during late-night hours from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m., with exceptions for New Year’s Eve and Independence Day. Fireworks may not be prohibited until after 1 a.m. on those national holidays.

“Arizona is a land of opportunity for all and we believe government shouldn’t stand in the way of that,” said Governor Ducey. “Today’s bills strengthen that belief. My thanks goes to all the lawmakers for their continued work to serve our great state.”

Below is a list of all the bills the Governor signed today:

SB 1074 dentists; scope of practice (Sen. Barto)
SB 1257 long-term recreational vehicle parks; caregivers (Sen. Mesnard)
SB 1088 physicians; naturopathic medicine (Sen. Barto)
SB 1190 health care directives registry; access (Sen. Shope)
SB 1069 juvenile dependency; child placement (Sen. Barto)
SB 1242 nursing care; assisted living; regulation (Sen. Pace)
SB 1202 nursing care; assisted living, continuation (Sen. Pace)
SB 1073 juveniles; adjudication; disposition; probation (Sen. Barto)
SB 1300 tribal college dual enrollment program (Sen. Shope)
SB 1321 conforming legislation; postsecondary education commission (Sen. Shope)
SB 1066 raffles; nonprofits; length of existence (Sen. Shope)
SB 1115 in-state student stats; veterans (Sen. Sonny Borrelli)
SB 1212 veterans’ services department; commission; continuation (Sen. Vince Leach)
SB 1275 fireworks; use; overnight hours; prohibition (Sen. Mesnard)
SB 1276 state real estate department; continuation (Sen. Mesnard)
SB 1376 codes; ordinances; use of refrigerants (Sen. Rick Gray)
SB 1238 state lands; appraisals; leases; rights-of-way (Sen. Sine Kerr)
SB 1265 property tax liens; foreclosures; notice (Sen. David Livingston)
SB 1089 liens; fees; exemption (Sen. Shope)

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